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Countdown to Exciting Career Options

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Increase Your Practice Satisfaction and Income

I’m Dr. Armin Feldman and I invite you to a 2-Day Conference to learn Medical/Legal Consulting that taps into the $10 Billion legal industry.

Join me for a 2-Day livestream Comprehensive, Practical, How-To Conference that gives you the practical tools, training and information to start and profit long-term doing non-clinical medical consulting. There’s a new kind of Medical/Legal Consulting.

The timing of last year’s conference could not have been better with the changes in medicine and now it’s even more critical to attend this year’s conference as Medical/Legal Consulting is fast becoming a new dynamic sub-speciality.

Be in demand by attorneys in your area who will contact you to do interesting and lucrative medical consulting. This work involves no medical malpractice cases and no expert witness work.


Available Via Live Stream!

  • No need to travel – watch from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Get access to all the sessions live as they happen via your computer
  • Ask your questions during Q & A in real-time just as if you are attending in person
  • Get the Conference Binder sent you to via UPS before the conference start date

What's In It For You?

  • Provides 15 CME (Category 1) Credits
  • Inside Info on the Workings of Attorney Offices
  • Insight & Plan to Add Non-Clinical Consulting to What You Already Do
  • Complete Step-by-Step Business Launch Plan
  • Complete Step-by-Step Easy Marketing Plan
  • Complete Day-to-Day Business Operations Plan
  • Training to Contact Attorneys
  • Strategies to Meeting Face-to-Face with Attorneys
  • Video & Live Stream Training on Meeting Face-to-Face with Attorneys
  • Training on Writing Great Medical/Legal Reports
  • Case Study Reviews of Common Medical/Legal Consultations
  • Case Study Workshop
  • Interaction with Physicians Using the Medical/Legal Consulting Business System
  • Training on Understanding Personality Types for Business
  • Complete Conference Binder delivered by UPS or FedEx
  • Much, Much More
What's In It For You?


91% of last year’s conference attendees said they would attend another Medical/Legal Consulting Conference given by Dr. Feldman* As well, 94% of last year’s attendees said the conference did an outstanding job of effectively addressing the stated learning goals.*

For a handful of reasons, I decided to attend Dr. Armin Feldman‘s Medical Consultant course. In the first full year of starting this process, as a part-time job in addition to my orthopaedic practice, we generated approximately $100,000. I would like to thank Dr. Feldman for teaching this course and helping me codify our process.

James E. Kemmler, M.D.

Celina, OH

Dr. Feldman, Mr. Ferris & Dr. Moore delivered one of the best courses I have been exposed to. I feel like I was provided with a complete step-by-step guide for starting a successful Medical/Legal Consulting business. I am excited to get started.

Sean Hedican, M.D.

Madison, WI

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