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Do you have to be a certain specialty to do this work?

No, a physician in any specialty can be trained to do this consulting work.  The biggest prerequisite is an interest in medicine in general, some intellectual curiosity and the enjoyment of lifelong learning.  Next, is getting the training you need through the conference.

How is the conference conducted?

The 2-day conference is a live TV broadcast delivered via live stream on MedicalEd TV.  You will receive the conference binder via FedEx prior to the conference with all your materials and tools.  The conference provides 15 (category 1) CME’s.

Is it necessary to be board certified to do this work?

No, the attorney clients are much more interested whether you can help them with the negotiation and settlement of their cases.

How much time does this take?

You need a minimum of eight hours per week to do this consulting business justice and make it fly.

Will I be ready to consult to attorneys when I leave the conference?

Yes!  You will get all the training you need both in terms of running your consulting business and the medicine you need to know.

How do I find my consulting clients? In other words, how do I market this business?

Part of the conference training is a detailed step-by-step plan to market your business.  Not only how you first get your attorney clients but also how you keep them long-term.

Can I work with attorneys anywhere in the country?

Every one of these consulting businesses is a local business.  By the nature of the business itself, the marketing of the business and your development of attorney relationships it is impractical and unnecessary to solicit business from attorneys outside your local area.

Is this a full-time job or can I work part-time?

You can work full-time, as part of your existing practice or in lieu of retiring.

What kind of competition will I face?

You can still get in on the ground level of this kind of Medical/Legal Consulting

How long does the average consult take to do?

The average consult takes somewhere between 5 and 12 hours.

I have additional questions. How can I get them answered?

Call Dr. Armin Feldman with your additional questions at 800-619-5438 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Mountain Time.

Are there other options to learn Medical/Legal Consulting?

Yes, if you can’t attend the conference consider Dr. Feldman’s Medical/Legal Consulting Coaching Program. For info: https://mdbizcon.com

April 24 & 25, 2021

8th Annual Medical/Legal Consulting Conference

-1037Days -4Hrs -22Mins -46Secs
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