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One of the best and most useful medical conferences that I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended many in my life).  It gave me great confidence to make a career chance that will be intellectually rewarding and improve my quality of life as a physician.

Juan Francisco Lopez, M.D.
Ann Arbor, MI

This course is incredible.  Every lecture and every slide contains information that will enhance your business and ability as a consultant.  Armin is outstanding.

William McCarthy, M.D.
Woodbridge, VA

This course provided an excellent presentation of what medical legal consulting is and provided a step by step easy plan of how to begin launching a business in this. Most importantly, it sparked my interest in this as a real option even though I had no knowledge of how to run a small business prior to this course.

Kristin Brant, M.D.
Stoystown, PA

Excellent course in many ways – Dr. Feldman has done something remarkable.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him and his course, highly recommended for physicians looking to expand their options and retain their identity as doctors caring for people.

Jacek Mostwin, M.D.
Baltimore, MD

Awesome topic, awesome course, and awesome faculty.  Gave a great understanding of the business, and the recipe to make it work!

Ralph K. Messo, M.D.
Colts Neck, NJ

For a handful of reasons, I decided to attend Dr. Armin Feldman‘s Medical Consultant course. In the first full year of starting this process, as a part-time job in addition to my orthopaedic practice, we generated approximately $100,000. I would like to thank Dr. Feldman for teaching this course and helping me codify our process.

James E. Kemmler, M.D.
Celina, OH

Dr. Feldman, Mr. Ferris & Dr. Moore delivered one of the best courses I have been exposed to. I feel like I was provided with a complete step-by-step guide for starting a successful Medical/Legal Consulting business. I am excited to get started.

Sean Hedican, M.D.
Madison, WI

Attorney John Ferris (guest faculty) was an excellent speaker, and added a very important perspective from the legal profession. His talk was very informative about how the legal profession works. By understanding the attorneys’ perspective, I think I will be better able to speak with them, and to communicate effectively.

Anthony Panos, M.D.
Jackson, MS

Dr. Feldman and his co-presenters did a fantastic job presenting a tremendous amount of information. I felt that each presenter was sincerely trying to help me succeed in this endeavor. The experience and wisdom of the presenters, especially Dr. Feldman, made me feel confident that I can succeed as a Medical/Legal Consultant.

David Stewart, M.D.
Leesburg, VA

Dr. Feldman is an excellent speaker. It was easy to pay attention to presentations and stay focused as a participant in this meeting.

William Leighton, D.O.
Rocky Gap, VA

Overall, I was quite pleased with the course and have learned quite a bit. I am close to retirement and see this as a new career.

G. Howard Bathon, M.D.
Baltimore, MD

Extremely well organized & efficient. The first conference I have ever attended where I felt that not a second of time was wasted.

Amaris Jitaru, M.D.
Staunton, VA

An opportunity to diversify my practice and to provide additional income and really help those who have been injured. Great course!

Eric McMillan, M.D.
Turlock, CA

Course was well organized. The written materials were excellent and the interaction useful. Dr. Feldman and Mr. Ferris (guest attorney faculty) are outstanding speakers.

Laura Sams, M.D.
Cincinnati, OH

Very well run and on time. I have attended all five conferences and continue to learn and catch new points that help me in my Medical/Legal Consulting business and will continue to attend in future years.

Rodney Snow, M.D.
Birmingham, AL

Dr. Feldman is a captivating speaker. Great support staff. I enjoyed the guest lecturers. The conference was run in an extremely professional manner.

Sylvia Olsen, M.D.
San Diego, CA

This is such a new concept for doctors that the body of knowledge and experience is narrowly defined and evolving. Dr. Feldman is clearly the pioneer and expert in this field.

Michael Callahan, M.D.
Highland, UT

This is a comprehensive, intensive conference that introduces, explains and provides steps to develop a Medical/Legal Consulting practice.

Rose Dotson, M.D.
Mequon, WI

A succinct introduction to the world of medical-legal consulting and a template approach to establishing a business that has a high chance of success while avoiding perils and pitfalls.

Michael Babiak, M.D.
Dallas, TX

Having done medical-legal type of cases, this is the best course I have ever taken & strongly recommend it to those doctors who are serious about doing a high quality & honest evaluation.

Jeffrey Powell, M.D.
Chesapeake, VA

A novel, innovative idea for expanding medical legal consulting opportunities–truly a paradigm shift. Always helpful and refreshing to learn about a new area for additional income using physicians’ knowledge and experience in a non-clinical arena.

Manuel Chaknis, M.D.
Atlanta, GA

April 24 & 25, 2021

8th Annual Medical/Legal Consulting Conference

-1147Days -22Hrs -41Mins -46Secs
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