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See What Doctors Are Saying About the Medical/Legal Consulting Course/Conference

Now it’s even more critical to attend the Medical/Legal Consulting course, as this is fast becoming a new dynamic sub-specialty.

“A succinct introduction to the world of medical-legal consulting and a template approach to establishing a business that has a high chance of success while avoiding perils and pitfalls.”

Michael Babiak,

M.D. Dallas, TX

“Course was well organized. The written materials were excellent and the interaction useful. Dr. Feldman and Mr. Ferris (guest attorney faculty) are outstanding speakers.”

Laura Sams,

M.D. Cincinnati, OH

“Impressive. I never thought very much pre-trial/pre-litigation work was available. The conference showed me that pre-trial/pre-litigation medical consulting is in demand by attorneys.”

Tariq Niazi,

M.D. Mena, AR

“A novel, innovative idea for expanding medical legal consulting opportunities–truly a paradigm shift. Always helpful and refreshing to learn about a new area for additional income using physicians’ knowledge and experience in a non-clinical arena.”

M.D. Atlanta,

GA Manuel Chaknis,

“Excellent, concise presentation on Medical/Legal Consulting.”

Richard Muckerman,

M.D. St. Louis, MO

“Very informative conference on an area of non-clinical medicine that is new.”

Erik Salib,

M.D. Huntington Beach, CA

Thinking about attending?

You’ll get the systems, tools and practical instruction you need to open up a whole new income stream (without being beholden to a hospital, corporation or institution).

No expert witness work & no med malpractice cases. And the work is not speciality specific.

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